march, 2019

04marAll DayWood Design Awards in BCInstitutional Wood Design: Small and LargeAward Event Type:Award Ceremony/GalaGeographical Reach:BC

Award Event Type

Award Ceremony & Gala / Cérémonie de remise des prix

Event Details

The Wood Design Awards bring together people from all sectors to recognize leadership and innovation in wood use. The awards also serve as an opportunity to publicly recognize and encourage continued excellence in the building and design community and in the forest industry. This high profile annual event celebrates innovative structural and architectural uses of wood and provides an opportunity for architects, engineers, building designers, builders and project owners to showcase their projects.

Award Category Description

These categories recognize the benefits of wood in institutional applications while showcasing the special qualities of wood such as strength, durability, beauty, versatility, benefits to occupants and cost-effectiveness. Examples could include: schools, churches, hospitals, long-term care facilities, libraries, recreational facilities and municipal buildings. Two awards are given in this category which is divided by building size, at 15,000 sq.ft., not cost.


All Day (Monday)





Entities Awarded

Project / Projet

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