Mayor’s Urban Design Awards (MUDA)

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The Mayor’s Urban Design Awards (MUDA) recognizes the contribution of Calgary urban designers, architects, landscape architects, and artists to the livability of our city. They leave a legacy of high calibre urban design, buildings and public spaces, and help set the standard for future municipal planning and development.

Award Category Description

This category of Award will recognize a building or group of buildings that contribute to, and support, an urban design initiative. The submission may be for an individual building or group of buildings, of high architectural standard, which achieve urban design excellence through their unique relationship with their immediate surroundings because of siting, massing, and pedestrian amenities. The building(s) will also contribute to defining a special relationship with the neighbouring urban fabric. Interior spaces can be included if they have a strong relationship to/influence on the public realm and meet the criteria.


August 16 (Friday) - September 9 (Monday)





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